Landowner FAQ

What should I be considering if I’m a forest landowner?


Where can I find information about tending my woods?


What’s a forest management plan?


I’m struggling to frame the objectives for my land; Help!


Who can help me manage my forest?


How can I pay for planning and management?


Where can I meet other forest landowners who are managing their land?


How can the Tree Farm Program help me?


Where can I find information about the health of my trees?


What can I do about invasive species?


How can I manage my woods for wildlife?


I’d like to do some of my own work in the woods, but I’d also like to feel more confident in my chainsaw skills!


How do I go about arranging a harvest on my land?


Is clear-cutting bad? How about select cutting?


What should I do if a gas company approaches me?


What should I do if a wind farm company approaches me?


How can I conserve my forest for the future?


May I ask another question?

Certainly, contact the PFA office and we will direct you to the appropriate expert.